Winner! Winner!

If you're like me you finished that phrase in your head, but actually we had turkey dinner because Thanksgiving lasts forever when your family is small and your bird is large. Today's win sometime around 4 pm was brought to you by my gracious husband who kicked me out of the house to write all... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo 2017

I made no announcement about participating in NaNoWriMo mostly because those early weeks required every spare moment to be spent participating just to keep up. More recently, if I was going to write, then it felt like I must write my story and not waste time and words writing about writing my story. You get... Continue Reading →

Why I’ve never finished a journal

This is my beautiful new Moleskin journal, part reward for hitting my word count last month and part indulgence that I couldn't resist any more. Some may say these journals are overrated, but the softness of the leather, the silky feel of the pages, and most importantly, the perfect distance between lines make it love... Continue Reading →

Camp NaNoWriMo: April

Last night at approximately 11 pm I wrote the last twenty words or so of my goal for participating in Camp NaNoWriMo for April. I had been interrupted from finishing a few minutes before by noticing on the baby monitor that my daughter was about to crawl off the bed in her sleep (we're at... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo: Pens Down!

Well, I am ending National Novel Writing Month with just over 7,000 words in the bank. When I consider how few days I actually was able to write this month, I'm not too disappointed. My daughter tried to kill me slowly by sleep deprivation for about 10 days straight. There was no writing because she... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo Update 1

Tonight I made it past 1,000 words which is not as quickly as I had hoped, but life has already been intervening as much as I anticipated it might this month. Last night my daughter woke up and let out a yell without fail every time I sat down to write. I tried for 3... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo 2016

This is technically my third attempt at National Novel Writing Month. My first go-round in 2014 was an exhilarating success. I have rarely been that proud of myself and ready to celebrate an accomplishment. I had learned of NaNoWriMo while I was still in high school and was even a reader for some of my... Continue Reading →

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