The Weight of a Soul

Something happened today that hasn't in a while. Aeryn willingly, happily even, rode on my back in our favorite carrier. We took an impromptu trip to Boston - Aeryn's second time in the city. After an extra long ride in the car seat, she wasn't too keen on being constrained again. That is until she... Continue Reading →

Mom Guilt and the Seasons of Life

(Photo by Lauren Kirkham Photography) Mom guilt is ridiculous. Seriously, it is. Because it is moms who care deeply about the well-being of their children and doing what is best for them that experience guilt over not being perfect at it. And if they care that deeply, then they are probably working pretty hard to... Continue Reading →

The Thief of Joy

Failure to thrive. We've been barely out running that label since my daughter's first few weeks of life. She had a tough start to breastfeeding between a tongue and a lip tie, a tiny mouth, a tight neck, an undiagnosed dairy intolerance, and a traumatized mama. Her weight dropped fast and by the time we... Continue Reading →

Little Girls Love Alligators Too

I'm making this post mostly because when I searched Pinterest for ideas for my daughter's first birthday party, everything alligator related was either a boy baby shower or a little boy's birthday party. They still gave me good ideas for what to do for her party, but I was disappointed to find nothing geared toward... Continue Reading →

My Night Sky

(Forest Wander Nature Photography) I wrote this letter to my daughter in the dark of her nursery late at night, the two of us tucked into the glider, me typing somewhat one-handed on my phone while she finally slept in my arms. It sounds far more sweet and peaceful than my reality was at the... Continue Reading →

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