June Goals

This first week of July has been packed full of fun activities and been overwhelming because of ambitious goals which is why this update is so late. In fact, just forcing my brain to go back to June had me wondering what exactly happened during that month because this last week has felt almost like... Continue Reading →

April Goals Update

  April launched with a great start. We were home and things were calm. I had a yard sale to prep for, date nights planned, a working budget all set up, and a writing goal I was ready to knock out. Half way through the month my grandmother rapidly declined in health. The day it... Continue Reading →

January Goal Update

  All right, the first month of the year is nearly over, so it's time for a check in. January of last year I was enormously pregnant, fighting off a horrible sinus infection for nearly 3 weeks, had just started my maternity leave, threw a baby shower for my friend who was just 10 weeks... Continue Reading →

2017 Goals

The temptation after a truly awful year is to either pin all of my hopes on the up and coming one with a dependence that borders on desperation, or to make no expectations whatsoever lest they be crushed. I'm working on the in between where hope blooms and expectations rest. With the knowledge that nothing... Continue Reading →

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