Hi, I’m Lyndsi. Writing an “About” page is more difficult than I would have thought. I have no idea what you would like to know about me. For now, here is a list of mostly useless facts. If you want to know more, ask away!


    • My days are ruled by the tiny dictator I created, and she is pretty much the most fantastic human being ever. She has more fuel than the energizer bunny and loves books almost as much as I do. Together, we lovingly harass the three throw pillows known as our dogs, dance like it’s our job, and alternate between laughter and exasperation.
    • Until I had kids, I thought the image of the writer in the coffee shop was an idealistic trope. No more. Coffee shops are magical places of peace and rest with no views of laundry piles, dog hair, or wailing toddlers. By the grace of my husband and bed time, I go there to write and regain perspective as often as I can.
    • My living room more readily resembles a library. I don’t understand living rooms that look any other way unless, of course, you actually have a library. Then I am jealous.
    • I love 80s crime shows (think Remington Steele, Columbo, Murder She Wrote, etc.) and old British comedies laden with inappropriate jokes.
    • I listen to Agatha Christie novels on audiobook both to fall asleep and to keep me from zoning out when driving alone. It sounds terrifying in theory, but practically, it works quite well. Just don’t ask how many times I’ve heard each one.
    • I’m on a hunt for the perfect sweatshirt. The top shelf of my closet is bursting with evidence. The closest I’ve come is a burnt orange might-as-well-be-a-blanket from our trip to Acadia National Park that feels like nap time when I put it on.
    • As a family, we hike, we read, we travel, and we love God.