Monthly Goals

Year’s End Goal Update

I promise that while goal updates disappeared I did not stop working toward them, although things definitely slowed down here and there with everything going on. We traveled to Alaska in August for a week without our daughter and then drove to VA for a family wedding. All told, I was gone more than 3 weeks only to get home and thrown into the swing of the final few weeks of Chief season and then straight into our last month in NY. We moved just as the holidays set in. The outcome might have looked different if I had been home for more than one month out of the last five, but that’s how it goes.
Somehow I didn’t realize that I had set 17 goals for 2017. That was not on purpose, believe it or not. That also is a lot of goals for one year. Undoubtedly too ambitious, yet it was fun for me to pick them out and see where it would all go. I ended with 6 successes, 3 partials, and 8 failures. For the number of goals and the busyness of the year, I’m satisfied. I don’t know that I will do anything this big for 2018, but I will probably jump on the idea of goals for the new year because it’s something that gets me excited about the year to come.


  • Exercise has fluctuated a lot this year. There were months like July were I was attending a workout class every week, hiking on the weekends, getting outside with Aeryn, stretching – all of it. Then there was Chief season and moving and my primary workouts involved cleaning my house repeatedly while wishing I was outdoors. On the side of success, I did complete my physical therapy program and was discharged. I still use what I learned to help my body maintain function, and I feel it when I don’t. About half way through the year, I lost interest in running. It doesn’t appeal to me right now. The only time I ever even consider is when I am feeling down on myself and want to go do something high intensity right now. That’s more like punishment than caring for myself, so I don’t do it. Instead, I discovered strength training. I’m learning that exercise doesn’t always have to look like a full workout; it is movement that counts, and movement in a way that you enjoy and that feels good. Here I am at the end of the year still working out, not needing a new year’s resolution for that. I think that’s pretty fantastic and consider this goal a pretty big success.
  • I admit that this goal of swimming was a flop. Aside from signing up for swim classes and getting wait-listed up until we were moving, this didn’t go anywhere. It’s still something I’d like to do, but this wasn’t the year for it.


  • For the year we had ahead of us, this was probably too ambitious in hindsight. But, you never really know how a year will go ahead of time and what financial obstacles will arise.
  • Some months budgeting went really well. During quite a few others, chaos would be putting it kindly. This gets a no go because it wasn’t consistent and that was the point. With no income currently, we won’t have much of a choice but to be consistent, and it will undoubtedly be good for us.


  •   We have had a smattering of date nights here and there, mostly courtesy of family. It is much more difficult to make trading nights happen than it should be in theory. People say they are interested, but it never goes anywhere. During chief season, we barely had a conversation the whole six weeks, let alone a date night.    And while our Alaska trip was amazing, we shared it with a friend, so it wasn’t exactly abounding in intimate conversation and alone time. Our moving week actually gave us some good time together since my mom took Aeryn. There is nothing like scrubbing the walls of your house to bring you together, when there is literally nothing left in your house but the two of you and cleaning supplies. We probably averaged at least one date night a month which is partial success.
  •   Ever since our trip in August, Aeryn has been glued to me. She won’t let anyone else put her to sleep. From showering to eating to leaving the house, she doesn’t like me out of her sight (putting it mildly). I don’t always take that as gracefully as I could, and now the constant clingyness makes it more difficult to not push her off to play with other people on every occasion that she will allow it. What I liked about this goal is that, whether or not I do well everyday, this makes me think about it and make different choices knowing I will miss this later. I hope this reminder keeps nudging at me far past this year.


  • I guess this is technically a fail because I didn’t finish the long or short manuscripts. However, in 2017 I added more than 60,000 words to my book and have a solid plan and resources for moving forward. I could be disappointed with this, but I’ve decided not to be and am looking forward to a new year of writing instead.
  • A three month hiatus this fall stalled this goal a bit, but I successfully kept this blog up for more than a year and have enjoyed it immensely with no reason to stop any time soon.


  •  I could call this another in between, but in truth it’s been too start and stop to call it a success. This might have bothered me more if I hadn’t seen so much growth in my faith and walk with God in other ways that let me know this isn’t far behind. It’s growing organically from where my heart and mind are focused now.
  • We have prayed together more but not consistently. I’m not sure how I feel about this one since what I was doing didn’t seem to be working for us but I don’t want to give it up.


  • Definitely didn’t do this enough. I only sent things out a handful of times.
  • If I am allowed to count my friends as family, then I did actually make this goal. After our movie night earlier in the year, I got out 5 more times. Three of those were in July. The Saratoga Performing Arts Center is the summer home of the New York City Ballet. Every summer we have lived here, I’ve been dying to go and it hasn’t worked out. This year I insisted I was going, and I ended up going twice, once with my mom and the second time with my aunt and cousin, and seeing two different programs. It was magical. About a week later, I went to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the park downtown with some girlfriends. Since then, I have gone with my mom to get a pedicure and gone on a mother/daughter date with our best friends to see the new Murder on the Orient Express in theaters.


  • Chief season interrupted prime hiking weeks, so we hiked only 4 new mountains in the Adirondacks. We hiked a repeat mountain on July 4th – Black Mountain. The last time I did it I was 17 weeks pregnant, so definitely a different experience. In July, Dale, Aeryn, the pups, and I hiked the loop of Cat and Thomas mountains – a roughly 8 mile trail. We had the most incredible view of Lake George, and Aeryn got to pick wild blueberries for the first time. Before we moved, we took a day date to hike Big Slide via the Brothers. There was less open space than I expected for a peak walk, but it was a beautiful day for it. With a group of friends and Aeryn, we also hiked Mt. Marcy, the tallest of the High Peaks. For us it was a bit of a disaster. I’ll have to write about that sometime. The reason I am still counting this goal a success is because we did three more new hikes in Alaska, and the point was to get out hiking. We hiked a trail on Hatcher’s Pass, one in Denali National park, and the most challenging and rewarding one I’ve ever done – the Harding Ice Fields on the Kenai peninsula. It was a total of 8.4 miles in 5 hours with 4,000 feet of elevation gain. Since moving, Aeryn and I hiked a short mountain together. It was my first time carrying in our frame pack up an actual mountain. That is no joke. I’m taking Dale from now on.
  •   One big trip: a week in Alaska
    Three weekend trips: Montreal; Stowe, VT; 3 days at Disney World in the spring
    Day Trips: Two trips to the Olympic Center in Lake Placid and riding a bobsled there, the Wild Center in the Adirondacks, me seeing the NYC Ballet and the National Museum of Dance, Dale getting to see the Rays vs. Yankees in NYC,
    I feel like I am missing a few, but these are enough to call it a success.


  • This is difficult to quantify. We had three yard sales within a year. I had constant listings on FB groups. We sold a lot of stuff and with the last one, we left everything to be donated. Hunreds and hundreds of items left our house last year. When I look at the sum total of our possessions, it doesn’t seem like 20% of it is gone, but when I think of how much we got rid of, it sure seems like it should be. Over all, I’m pretty satisfied with this one.
  • I would say that while some months I did better than others, this did not happen. I can still be far too distracted by my phone and spend too much time mindlessly scrolling.
  •  This one is also somewhere in between because I kept up with this every month through September, and then we moved. At that point, I stopped with almost everything I had done before as we packed up, settled in, and got through the holidays. In July, we took on the AIP diet and cooked everything from scratch. In August, I learned to soak and dry my own nuts and seeds to make a homemade trail mix for Alaska. I also took a class on Kombucha and received a scoby. September found me trying out my successful first batch. The rest of the year was a dud. However, I still have all of the knowledge and resources I collected the first part of the year, and they can be put to good use in the future.

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