Winner! Winner!

If you’re like me you finished that phrase in your head, but actually we had turkey dinner because Thanksgiving lasts forever when your family is small and your bird is large. Today’s win sometime around 4 pm was brought to you by my gracious husband who kicked me out of the house to write all day at my favorite coffee shop after our lovely daughter decided to keep me up ALL night.

The morning included a series of mishaps that seemed specifically designed to keep me from arriving at my destination and being able to stay. Once I finally got settled though, I refused to leave until I finished no matter how hungry I became, and this slow writer had 6,000 words to knock out. Husband to the rescue again by delivering me lunch because we are on a budget and going home equals losing motivation.

Is feels ungrateful to say that this win is less thrilling than my first. One big reason is that it was easier since I already knew it could be done. I’m not saying it was easy. I have a toddler who is not the world’s best sleeper, I was sick for a week this month, and after 8 pm I tend to lose the brain power to make coherent sentences but that is my free time to write. Oh yeah, I also moved two days before the month started. But, I had a lot of help watching my girl, and I am far more practiced at writing larger chunks of words than I was my first go round. (Let’s be honest, I wasn’t practiced in writing any words then.) In fact, I had my wordiest day ever breaking 7,000 words on Monday.

Another reason is that I still have a long way to go on finishing this project. My first NaNoWriMo was the largest manuscript I had ever created. Even though it wasn’t finished, it was still the closest to finished I had ever come. My current project has at least a third of the story left to tell, so the bigger celebration is still in the future. This month carried me forward a significant way with a lot more to go.

What I am most proud of this month is that I got really behind (like 10,000 + words behind), but I kept writing anyway. Even when the number got ridiculously big, I decided that I could still catch up. And I did. The month felt like a lesson in balance, knowing when I am going to be productive and when to just let it go until another day. Also, learning for the five hundredth time that I really need to work without distractions. Now, I’m sitting here at the end of this productive month, and I can feel my goals taking on life because the practical steps are falling into place for the first time even if they still sit in the hazy future.

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