Monthly Goals

June Goals

This first week of July has been packed full of fun activities and been overwhelming because of ambitious goals which is why this update is so late. In fact, just forcing my brain to go back to June had me wondering what exactly happened during that month because this last week has felt almost like a month of its own. Despite copious amounts of rain, June was a good start to summer – the kind of summer I’ve been dreaming of having with my little family. It wasn’t the best month for goals, but that’s okay. As always, here’s the reminder of what I’m up to.


  • I hiked my first post-accident mountain, took up bike riding with my family, and got out kayaking. I also took a brave step for me and looked into a local private trainer who does classes for pregnant and postpartum women. I’ve never done exercise classes and have always felt intimidated by them. That would apply doubly to ones involving lifting weights. But I had a consultation and free class and then jumped in. We may not be in NY for much longer, so I want to take advantage of her expertise to make me more confident when I am on my own. The best part was how supportive Dale was since this takes up another night of our week. I’m hoping for some good reports about this for this coming month as all of these things are amping up.
  • No progress here. Finding a time to all get to the water together for just the purpose of swimming is more difficult than I want it to be.


  • This may get back on track after our (probable) move in the fall. For now, we just decided to be more realistic and put it on hold while we are managing some other goals that require short term financing. It’s taken some of the stress off to let it go for the moment, so I  think it’s a good thing.
  • This was a mess. The budget was done and I tried to keep it on track, but with plans changing rapidly and letting busyness get the best of me, this did not go well. I’m also nervous about this for July since we are making some big lifestyle changes and doing a lot of last minute activities before moving time hits. However, this month I’m going to put in even more effort to keep the budget updated and on track, making adjustments as needed to keep on top of it. (As I write this, I am updating it and checking accounts.)


  • We finally did this! Both of our moms were here for a visit in June letting us get out on two dates this month and without paying for a babysitter. It’s funny how even after getting two, it doesn’t feel like enough. I’ll always take more one-on-one time with my favorite person.
  • Outside of the house I am still doing decently at this, but I have let that spirit of busyness creep in as things are gearing up for big changes with lots to accomplish. At home I want to get through my list with as few interruptions as possible, and I don’t always remember that Aeryn’s agenda is just as important, if not more. She needs my connection more than she needs my accomplishments.


  • I specifically wanted to complete another 10,000 words for the month of June. I was about 600 shy just short of midnight on the 30th. It was late and I seem to be up late every single night fitting in just a few more things before bed, and the tiredness was weighing on me. I decided to not push through and to go to bed. I did that with very little guilt and rejected any feelings of failure. Maybe I’m making tiny progress in the area of perfectionism too. It’s a glimmer of hope. Camp NaNoWriMo kicked off again for July, and in some ambitious fervor I have set my goal at 20,000 words. My confidence in that isn’t very high, but if I can give myself the same motivation mixed with grace that I did last month, it will be good win or lose. I also had the makings of a short story find me. For some reason shorter composition ideas are tougher for me to come by. I’m not sure when I will be able to start this, but at least I have something for that short manuscript.
  • Six posts was what I was aiming for, but four isn’t bad, especially when I am satisfied with how those four turned out. For now, I’m going to maintain the goal of six just for the reason of keeping me writing on here and not letting it slide. I still have far more ideas than I do time.


  • What is the answer to the eternal question of why we don’t do the most important things? Maybe because we actually believe that we are getting by just fine without them. It takes hard evidence often brought on by hard times to change this. I can see it in my heart from this last month that the lack of this practice takes its toll. I am not oriented well without it.
  • Same issues going on here, although I do like the change to this of just praying out loud at any time. In that sense, I think she has heard me pray more.


  • This one was also finally accomplished! They were nothing spectacular, but my love languages are gift giving and words of affirmation. That means I feel love when I do those things as well as when I receive them. In that sense, this is good for me too.
  • No, but I do have high hopes for this month.


  • We hiked Sleeping Beauty Mountain which has been on my list for a few years now. It is a pretty easy climb with rewarding views and plenty of room at the top for a picnic. We went an easy 7 miles, and I recovered well in the following days. It was also Aeryn’s first ride in her new hiking pack. Very successful!
  • We started bike riding with Aeryn in a trailer just around our neighborhood. I’d forgotten how much fun riding a bike is! Aeryn is already eager to ride her own, but she will grab her helmet and climb in and ask for a ride if she sees the trailer. We got back out hiking and, for our anniversary, we were able to do a short kayak trip on our own. We put in about a mile into the Kayaderosseras river here and followed it down stream (through many obstacles of fallen trees) to where it dumped into Lake Saratoga. A good time and a bad sunburn was had by both of us. We also took a weekend trip up to Stowe, VT to visit my college roommates, visited some local gardens I had been wanting to see, and went to a hot air balloon festival for the second year in a row. But the biggest adventure was buying our tickets to ALASKA!!! That’s right, our big adventure for the year is a week long trip to Alaska with our friend. It’s going to be the economy version, but we are excited just the same. Even with confirmation emails in my inbox, I can still hardly believe we are going.


  • Things on the garage sale site were finally moving. I was able to meet up and make a few dollars and get rid of stuff. I also put a bunch of stuff on a local freesale site for military families and was able to pass on all of the items I cleaned out this month. A big one was going through all of our bathrooms to get rid of products we aren’t using and won’t be using again. It felt seriously freeing to get rid of that much stuff we’ve been carrying around through multiple moves because we might get around to using it. We finally admitted we won’t for various reasons and out it went.
  • Eh, this one is plateaued or maybe slid back a little. I don’t feel like I kept track really well.
  • This month it was small things like getting rid of all of the personal care items we aren’t going to return to and making my own bug spray which was a pretty big success. For the month of July, we are attempting the huge undertaking of going on the autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet strictly for hopefully 3-6 weeks depending on how it goes. It is a change I have needed to do for a while with mine and my family’s history of autoimmune illnesses. I’m not adequately prepared if I’m being truthful, but I’m diving in anyway because this is the right timing for it. If you’ve never heard of this before, here is a link to on of many websites that can give you an idea.



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