May Goals

I’m sitting here a few days into June and the outside world appears remarkably like a rainy April day. That’s probably why I’m having a hard time believing that it is June and that this update needs to be written. Oddly enough, this month went largely as planned with only a few minor hiccups – a refreshing change. Hopefully it’s not too boring for you all though. You can refresh your memory on my goals here if needed.


  • Even though the whole thyroid thing is still up in the air, I knew that if I wanted to stand any chance of hiking this summer I had to get moving. The week before we went to Montreal, the weather was passable and Aeryn and I got out walking. That was either a brilliant or an idiotic move (I still haven’t decided) on my part since when we arrived in Montreal, we essentially walked for 12 hours a day. After climbing a small mountain the first evening with a toddler strapped to me, I kind of wanted a wheelchair and some painkillers, especially the next morning. Another twelve hours worked the stiffness out and inured me to some of the pain. By day three, I could mostly ignore it. But when I got home and didn’t walk for twelve hours the next day, I realized that my foot felt positively normal. That is the good news. The bad news is that if I don’t keep it up we go back to status quo of achy stiffness. Now that I know jumping in with zero preparation isn’t going to do lasting harm, I feel a little more resolved for this month.
  • Since I was wait-listed for my class, I am working on a plan B that might involve my husband as the instructor (he once did that for a living). Like the last mentioned plan, this could go very well or very, very poorly. Will keep you updated.


  • Having to make some end of the month adjustments for slip ups put this lower than I wanted which is in turn lower than we need to hit my original goal. But even if we only get halfway there with all of the trips, emergencies, experiences, and moving costs we are fielding this year, I can live with that.
  • It’s funny that I expected the trip to Montreal to be a possible budget killer. Turns out that the city is surprisingly inexpensive as cities go, and we stayed within my set limits just fine. However, I might have gone on a book buying binge last month. It all started with a visit to my favorite bookstore on Mother’s day. You can imagine the rest. Anyway, the budget was done, but the adjustments were painful. I am wary of this month. The basic outlining is done, but we have some expenditure details to work out that I admit to procrastinating on. Also, I’m staying away from the bookstore for now (I can hear the muttered disbelief already).


  • We did go on a date night last month! It might have involved quite a few other people including my mom and a concert that had more torrential rain and near lightening strikes than I have ever experienced in outdoor venue before, but it still counts, right? This month we are coercing the grandmothers into babysitting for each of their visits which means one way or another we are doing something for our anniversary!
  • I am happy to report that this is going really well. Aeryn is happy to report that my animal sounds are improving and I can almost read as fast as she can turn pages. Of course, there is always room for improvement. All the credit really goes to my daughter. With her constant requests for book reading, dance parties, and going outside to explore, I am forced to set my agenda aside and focus on her. Some days I grumble about it more than others. But that is what God has for me in motherhood this season. I like to follow my plan and my to do list. Aeryn has her own agenda and she is mighty insistent. He knew that she is what I need to work some of the selfishness out of my soul.


  • This was a dud for May. However, I did finish up my job. I’m a little sad about that, but it frees up some time and takes something off my to do list each day. I’m excited turn my writing into my vocation now. It doesn’t have to be profitable, just ongoing. To that end, my word count for the month of June is another 10,000. I’ve got my accountability partner back and absolutely no plan which is unusual for me.
  • Only three blog posts for the month of May. Mother’s Day was a tough one for me to figure out where I wanted to go. I started and stopped a few different things. When I finally hit a flow though, I knew it was right. There was a lot more personal writing going on with journaling and poetry, so I don’t feel like this was a let down in any way. I’m feeling pretty ambitious for June though. There are a handful of topics that I want to tackle this month and a few series of posts that I’d like to get started on. Stay tuned for a fun update as well.


  • Thanks to my music loving baby whose been busting moves since before she could walk, I now begin my days with worship videos on youtube. Her current favorite is “Build Your Kingdom Here” by Rend Collective with runner up as “My Lighthouse.” Check them out; my kid has good taste. I still need to change our wake up routine to get back to including more scripture and meditation for me though.
  • Dale has been putting her to bed almost every night because, well, she actually goes right to sleep for him. For me, it might as well be a party. I have no intention of changing the bed time program that works, so I may modify this goal for the next month to something like pray out loud for my daughter to hear every day.


  • Well, I bought the gifts. Does that count for anything? Now to get them sent out this month…
  • Both of our parents were in town at the same time. We joked about running away to hang out for a few hours midafternoon. But then it just didn’t happen because we’re moms and we’re bad at taking time for ourselves. But, I’m working on a girls’ movie night that involves no children. Wish me luck.


  • Does Mont Royal, a mini-mountain more like a large hill in the center of Montreal, count? Other than that, the weather here has been terrible on every free day.
  • On a more successful note, we made it to Montreal for a long weekend! We’ve wanted to go since we moved. The city was beautiful and I would go back at any time. The highlights for me were the architecture (I was practically drooling), touring the Notre Dame basilica, and seeing the Marche de Marionnettes Geantes for the 375 anniversary of Montreal. They are several stories tall metal marionnettes worked by teams of 20+ people with cranes and engines that march through the streets as well as stopping to do individual story telling at scheduled times. There were thousands of people gathering in the streets to see them with whole sections of the city shut down. I believe it is their first trip to North America. Look them up and be confounded.


  • I was pretty proud of myself for dusting, organizing, and re-shelving all of the books on our living room bookshelves (there are probably a couple hundred books there alone). I even managed to weed 4 whole books out of our collection. Then my friend pointed out that I had purchased two more that week, so really I had only gotten rid of two books. I promptly purchased two more before the week was out. So really all I did was dust. Whatever, I’m still proud of myself. I hate dusting. I also managed to organize, clean, and declutter Aeryn’s room. It’s so much more peaceful now and easier to maintain. I had no idea that baby clothes could take over your house like some sort of infectious virus. Every time I’d think I had things sorted, another bunch would multiply. Now I love going in her room. Plus, I have a bunch of clothes to send to my sister-in-law for her coming baby. The next project to tackle is the dreaded downstairs office/guest room. But my mother-in-law is coming to visit mid-month, so maybe I can put it on a deadline…
  • This goes back to all of those wholesome things my daughter is forcing me to do. You can’t play on a smartphone while reading the same book five times in a row or dancing around your living room. Or maybe, you can, but my coordination is not that reliable. I’m also shutting facebook down more often when I go to work mostly because I do want to focus and it has become it’s own type of annoyance.
  • I managed to get elderberry syrup finally. I’m not sure what to attribute this success to, but Dale had the makings of a nasty cold coming on fast, so I doused him in oils and dosed him with syrup and the cold dissipated in short order. Whether it’s coincidence or not, I don’t care. I just spent the morning in a room full of coughing, runny-nosed toddlers, so I plan to do the same to myself now.


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