Monthly Goals

April Goals Update


April launched with a great start. We were home and things were calm. I had a yard sale to prep for, date nights planned, a working budget all set up, and a writing goal I was ready to knock out. Half way through the month my grandmother rapidly declined in health. The day it became apparent that things were going downhill I decided to fly to North Dakota with my parents to be with her. We made it two days before she passed away. I stayed out there for the funeral and the process of sorting out her affairs. The day before we flew home, my sister-in-law gave birth to my niece two weeks early. I stayed an extra two days with my parents to get baby snuggles in. It was May 1st when I arrived home and no more improvements to be made for the month. In spite of all that, I think it still ended decently. Check out my goals here if you need a refresher.


  • While I was in ND I started doing a lot more walking mostly because we had one vehicle and the town of Harvey only has 1,600 residents, so you can imagine that most everything is walking distance. That and I walk a lot out on the farm. My foot was not used to any of this and it protested pretty violently. But hiking season is upon us and it needs to get used to it!
  • I actually signed up for an adult swim class that I was excited to take. It’s for improving your strokes and technique (I have none). They wait listed me which was probably best all things considered. I still would like to take this before we move, so I’m hoping that I can get in on the next round.


  • We got in the minimum that I want saved even if it technically isn’t enough to reach our original goal. I’m going to consider this a win.
  • The budget this month looked magnificent. I planned for almost everything and when I realized a few things were forgotten, I was able to finagle them in. Then I had to pay for last minute plane tickets to ND and have Dale and I live on separate food budgets. We both did really well, and except for the plane tickets our budget wasn’t derailed at all.


  • Dale and I were all set for two date nights with my mom as babysitter. One was just going to be a regular night out at the movies. The other was a more exciting and more planned trip to Howe Caverns. But, that all got canceled in the wake of my ND trip. Some day, some how, we will go on a date.
  • There is plenty of room for improvement, but this is happening more often. I don’t time it. Some days we have tickle fests, some days we play piano together, and others we take long walks and splash in puddles.


  • I just wrote about my success in this area here. 10,000 words down for the month!
  • This month I wrote 4 posts and only the first was planned. The other three were inspired by what was happening in the moment. The turn around time on all of them was extremely fast for me (two the same night and one the next day). I’m a planner and editor, so that is actually a good practice for me. I have more posts that I want to get done this month than is likely to happen, especially with finishing up work, but I’m going to try.


  • Epic fail on this one. Some version of this needs to be reinstated this month.
  • Some nights I have prayed with her. And other nights (and/or nap times) I have sung. My mom got Aeryn hooked on “Jesus Loves Me” as a soothing song while we were driving to FL. I’ve changed the words slightly to sing it to her, and I’ve now sung this for an hour straight while half asleep in the middle of the night, over the radio in the car, and for snuggle time as she’s nursed. I like declaring the words over her making it as much a prayer as a song.


  • This happened once this month and it wasn’t a contrived part of reaching my goals. I just knew she was having a really hard month and wanted to do something. And it made her day better which is all I cared about.
  • Nope.


  • Well, Dale got to go hiking with friends. Does that count?
  • The caves were supposed to be this. Does flying to MN and then driving from there to ND with a sleep-deprived toddler and surviving the subsequent week in the nursing home, at a funeral, and sorting belongings with late nights and non-existent naps count as an adventure? I vote yes.


  • We had a yard sale the first week of April. Thankfully I already had several bins of stuff set aside in my garage just waiting to be organized for sale or I would not have been ready. The first day was cold, but we made a decent amount of money. Most of what we had there I just wanted gone. The next day was gorgeous, yet no one came. I managed to get pictures of the items I want to sell online and separate those out from the donations before the next crisis struck. This month I just need to get it all moved out.
  • With the amount of reading I did this month, I would say that this has to be improving. I read 6 books and started another. Book binging is my favorite even if I shouldn’t do it all the time. Productivity goes to zero when that happens. I managed to squeeze in some knitting while we were gone so that has to mean I had less screen time. I think I’ve been able to knit about three times since Aeryn was born. I try to bring my phone out to take pictures more and to check it less. I’m getting better at fewer distractions while I write as well.
  • I didn’t make progress here except continuing to use my oils. I wanted to pick up some elderberry syrup after that crushing 6 week virus (I was still sick the day I went to ND). Maybe this month.

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