March Goals Update

If only I could holler “April fools!” at the end of this post and have reality be that I progressed in every category and things are going great. However, in actuality I contracted something like the plague the first day of our FL vacation, and here I am on the first day of the new month and I am still not over it. In light of this, the fact that it snowed here yesterday has hardly registered. I would have to leave the couch (and the house) to actually care.

This will be a much more concise and far less repetitive post if I stick to telling you the only thing that got anywhere last month. Otherwise you can just assume that everything tanked and if it was one of the few items that didn’t backtrack, it certainly didn’t make any forward progress.

I finally started using my essential oils in earnest this month. To be more precise, I used my mom’s oils since I didn’t bring any with me. It happened out of desperation. Cold medicine has rarely worked for me and this was no exception. Generally I prefer more natural methods, but I was out of town and out of resources. Between a blend she already had and a decongestant one we concocted at her house, I was able to get a good portion of the fluid in my ears to drain as well as sleeping at night without hacking up a lung and waking everyone. It might not be life-changing, but it was enough to get me home.

Here’s hoping for better things in April!

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