February Goals Update

And just like that we are already a week into March. Since this is overdue, let’s get going! For a refresher on my 2017 goals, check out this post.


  • This one fell off the bandwagon but sort of intentionally. The first two weeks I pushed hard to make sure that I got to the gym on the only available day I had. After that I had to succumb to several realities. The first and most pressing was temporarily going back to one vehicle. That automatically reduced the days that I could leave the house unless I wanted to wake my daughter up at 4:30 in the morning. Not happening. The second, which has become a longer term problem, is that my thyroid is off again – more off than it has been since I was pregnant. When it’s been a while since the last instance of crushing exhaustion, I can forget just how bad it gets. And in case you are wondering, it’s not the same as being sleep deprived. You know what fixes sleep deprivation – sleep. You may not be able to come by the necessary sleep, but that will take care of the issue. You know what fixes this – the cumulative effects of increased thyroid medication over a period of many months. Nothing else. And even that doesn’t always do the trick. It even feels different than being regularly tired. With a kid who has thought sleep was optional for most of her short life, I know this for a fact. It took 4 months for it to get this bad, but eventually it got to the point where I could feel an emotional breakdown coming on because I was so flipping tired. Until this is more resolved, I have to restrict my energy output to some extent or I can’t function. On the other hand, I was using not getting to the gym as an excuse to not do what I am capable of. The last few days of the month I attempted to pull myself out of that and get moving again. My medication is on the rise, so things will get better slowly.
  • I have found the adult swim class that I want to take to improve my skills. Our YMCA offers it. The class begins with the absolute basics and works through different techniques and strokes. That is what I need to build my confidence. If thrown in the water, I won’t drown, but I would never hop in the pool to swim laps or just dive into the water. I’d be too embarrassed and insecure in my skills. I wanted to sign up for this round, but I would miss several classes with our trip this month. I plan to take the one beginning in April.


  • On the one hand, our settlement from the car accident has finally come together, so we will have a rather large influx of cash that we are going to pretend we don’t actually have and in order to put it in with our emergency fund as savings for a house down payment. In that sense, our down payment fund is looking quite nice. However, the goal of hitting $5,000 of new savings is looking less promising. We still saved tiny bit, just significantly less than we need to in order to hit our goal. The family trips we have planned and our NY bucket list are kind of killing that at the moment.
  • We had our budget together and on paper before the month began and I even got cash out. That was all good. Food is what got us this month. That is always what gets us. A highly motivating moment was watching my first earned money from an editing project go to cover our overspending in that department. Watching that milestone turn into a quick meal out was not worth it at all. This coming month will be rocky to stick to our budget with a big trip to FL and a visit to Disney World.


  • Also only one date this month courtesy of my mom. It was squeezed in on a night that I was so tired I contemplated skipping dinner altogether (I never skip food) and just going to bed at 6:30. But, going out was relaxing and worth it. One of these months we will get two dates in. March is unlikely to be the one though.
  • This month Aeryn and I have been getting outside on walks together even on freezing or rainy days, and it is amazing. We have ventured out to the park a few times as well! I’m doing better about taking breaks just to play and letting her needs to interact and move take the lead. This can still improve a lot, but I am doing better at down time with her.


  • My word count this month was…well, I’m not even going to ballpark it because it is embarrassing. This goal is very important to me. Clearly I need to do some brainstorming on how to bump this priority up. I know most of the time I was spending on this project goes to my blog and grading paper at the moment. That isn’t bad. Somehow it needs to find its own space though.
  • I published three full posts this month and wrote another one but didn’t get it fully edited until just after the end of the month. I also put the notes down for another. I added a lot to my ideas and have tons I want to write about – plenty to keep me going for a while. It’s finding the time to get through it all. With our vacation this month I will probably have a two week hiatus from writing. However, at the end of that I am attending a publishing seminar which I am going to say counts for doing something to improve myself in my field.


  • If I leave my Bible beside the bed, this happens. However, if it is downstairs or I decide that I will just get up and do it some other time in my day, it never happens. That was the lesson for this month. Now I know. We are going to be doing a lot of traveling in March which will present its own challenges.
  • This is still hit or miss. When I remember, I do it. I pray for her in the mornings too, and she is playing around me in the bed listening. I like to think that counts as well.


  • Another gigantic fail. Apparently I’m terrible at sending old fashioned appreciation to my friends these days. I have emailed and message quite a few online and talked to some on the phone. I haven’t entirely neglected them, I promise.
  • I did try on this one, but the choice of event/babysitter was not coordinating. Effort was made though.


  • More walks happened. I also discovered that if I am not consistent with moving my foot either in walks outside or at the gym through running and whatnot, then I pay for it in pain and stiffness. More motivation to keep it going, I guess.
  • We had bobsledding (yes, like Cool Runnings) at Lake Placid planned for February, but it got bumped to March because of the unseasonably warm weather that made a mess of the track. It was as awesome as you’d imagine. Also, on the list for fun this month is our trip to see family in FL, hit the beach, and visit Disney for a few days. I have been looking forward to this for months. Despite having to work while I am gone, having to drive about 5 days total to and from Fl, and going to family instead of some new location, this feels like the first real vacation in a while.


  • I made bigger progress here this month. I went through all of my winter clothes and everything hanging in the closet. A small pile was removed and my room looks significantly cleaner. Every time I go through my clothing and see how much I take out (it’s been enormous amounts in the last year), I expect to have all this room in my wardrobe and closet. Instead things still fill it up, they just don’t explode out of the edges. I’m pretty sure I’d need to go through my clothes about 12 more times before I get down anywhere near a reasonable amount let alone a capsule wardrobe. I also went through all of our office supplies and gave away a bunch of duplicates and stuff we didn’t need. I  cleaned out the bottom of the linen closet where I kept my candles and their accessories. All candles found new homes except for my secret indulgence of a fireside woodwick candle. I rarely burn it, but it smells amazing and I can pretend that we have a fireplace. A small start was made at going through my jewelry to sell or give away, but that will have to be finished later.
  • My screen time has improved a tiny bit. I am setting my phone down and leaving it alone more and being more focused when I’m doing work on my laptop. If I keep improving even in this tiny increments, it will show a lot in a few months. I keep telling myself to model what I want Aeryn to do. We’ve tried to do that with TV big time, and it’s working.
  • I ordered and received my awesome texts on essential oil safety and safe uses/recipes. I also have begun making homemade bone broth with the first round being a tasty success. I ordered Aeryn reusable pouches and am experimenting with making smoothies and purees for her, especially for our trip coming up in order to eat healthier than fast food while on the road. My ingredient list for our smoothies and other breakfast foods is becoming healthier as well. As mentioned above nearly all of the candles have been purged from our house. Less clutter and fewer artificial scents is a win.

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