Monthly Goals

January Goal Update


All right, the first month of the year is nearly over, so it’s time for a check in. January of last year I was enormously pregnant, fighting off a horrible sinus infection for nearly 3 weeks, had just started my maternity leave, threw a baby shower for my friend who was just 10 weeks behind me, and had my mom and sister come clean and organize the entire upstairs of my house (come back for round two, please!).  This year I have an almost one-year-old (how???) and am enjoying all the busyness of her walking and getting into everything 2.5 feet high and under while attempting to be organized and ready for all of the fun things coming up this year. Now it’s time to see how those goals are progressing! I honestly haven’t looked at my list since I wrote it. Mostly it’s been in the back of my mind, prodding me here and there to make changes. I wasn’t looking to stress myself out for a beginning, so contrary to normal goal-setting advice, I put it out of sight. If you need a refresher (or a first look) at my list of goals, you can do that here.


  • I have been discharged from physical therapy!  I will just be going back for check-ins now. My foot and ankle remind me daily that they aren’t “normal,” but 6 months ago I couldn’t have imagined being this far along. My at-home physical therapy program is what I’m using for workouts; it’s surprisingly strenuous, at least for me. I’m still rehabbing my abs for diastasis recti, learning to run correctly, regaining basic muscle strength, and generally stretching. My biggest accomplishment was signing A up for daycare at the Y with an indoor track and beginning to go 1-2x a week. I need that focused hour to actually get anything done. She is not a fan, but I have hopes that we will find a time that works for her soon.
  • No swimming yet.


  • We were only able to save about half as much as is needed to hit this goal by the end of the year. However, we are still figuring out the budget and getting things straightened out. It’s not a bad start especially with how many other things we are saving for.
  • I am particularly proud of the budget this month. When things came up, we went back to look at it and reallocated funds. We took out cash, kept transactions updated, and stuck to our meal plan. There are a lot of big things coming up this year that will not be cheap – dental work, NY bucket list, trips to see family, possibly moving – and keeping it all balanced is going to take commitment. Here’s hoping February is even better!


  • Only one date happened this month. But, I seem to have found a reliable babysitter who is generally available which is honestly worth its weight in gold. We went on a short date and all went well. We didn’t get to trade for one, and that is on me. I’m not good at doing that because, even though it is a trade, it feels like asking for a favor to watch A (something I had to do frequently with all of my medical stuff last year), and schedules are hard to coordinate. With seeing some family in February, we might stand a better chance of hitting the goal this coming month.
  • Playing with my daughter undistracted seems like such a simple goal, yet I can’t say that it’s made a whole lot of progress, and there is definite guilt setting in. I know that mostly right now she wants my proximity rather than to actually play with me, but it doesn’t do much to alleviate that. To give myself a little credit, having this goal in the back of my mind has definitely pulled my attention back to her on many occasions, gotten me to sit down and read a book, to go for a walk, and to just enjoy her cuteness. As her first birthday is approaching, this is a place I want to deliberately focus my efforts.


  • My word count was roughly 1,500 for the month which is sad. Every time I stole my few hours on the weekend or occasionally at night, I was grading papers, posting vocabulary, answering emails, working on an editing project, and if I had any time left, trying to squeeze in some drafting on a blog post. But, 1,500 a month won’t add up to much over the course of year, certainly not to completing a manuscript.
  • As you might have gathered from the point above, I am an incredibly slow writer. Not in that I can’t type quickly enough; I can. Getting my thoughts gathered, organized, and coherent takes me more than one draft usually. I am also pretty insistent about correct grammar and punctuation. Combine that with little time to spend doing those things, and the output is pretty low. However, I am still working on this blog, clearly, and I did get an important post out this month. I am hoping for one more before the hourglass runs out. I have plenty of starts in my draft box and ideas for where to go.


  • During the week, this goes very well. I leave my Bible next to the bed. When A wakes me up, I give her something electronic that she usually isn’t allowed to have (her favorite being my ipod and headphones) and it buys me ten minutes of relative peace. Sometimes, on busy mornings, I bring my Bible in the car and when she is out for one of her car naps, I sit wherever I am parked and read. The weekends need work mostly because my routine is thrown off, in good ways, and I let it slide.
  • This is definitely hit or miss, and it is mostly a matter of remembering. When she is cranky and screaming through bed time preparation, I am usually just rushing to get her relaxed and asleep. Also, phone distraction.


  • Big gigantic fail. Whoops.
  • If by “going out” I meant going to a friend’s house sans baby in the middle of the week just to relax and watch a movie I had been wanting to see, then I accomplished this. It was fun and exactly what I needed after a solo bed time the night before that took 4 hours to get through.


  • Well, it’s not exactly spring hiking weather here at the moment, although we’ve had some warm days that were close enough. I know I can’t climb a mountain yet, but in the spirit of progress, we took the dogs and A on a trail walk. My job right now is to get my foot ready to take on a short mountain once the trails are clear enough for me not to have to worry about slipping. No need to break more bones.
  • There are a lot trips in the planning stages. We did make it up to the Olympic Center at Lake Placid this month. There is too much to see in a day, so we will be going back. That is a partial check on our NY bucket list.


  • So, I’m pretty sure that this set is my worst category. Fairly certain that I’m in denial about moving, the issue being that it’s job dependent and completely up in the air. It could happen, or we could be in this same place another six months. I’ve no idea. Looking around my house, I see stuff everywhere and don’t know how to tackle it all. Is it possible to hire a minimalist to come at least make your house manageable (I think actual minimalism is out of the question for us)? If so, I need that. Otherwise, I need uninterrupted time to sort, dispose, and organize. And if this post is clear about anything, it is that I have an abundance of free uninterrupted time. Anyway, I’ve made it through our junk drawer and one box from the dreaded guest bedroom closet.
  • If this has improved, it’s by some minuscule fraction. This goes side-by-side with giving A more undivided attention, so it’s going to get the brunt of my effort this coming month. The other goals are far more tangible than these which makes these easier to let slide. How do I measure time I didn’t spend on something? I think I’ll know it when I feel it.
  • This month has been research on essential oil safety independent from company brands. I still have a ways to go and am saving up for some great resources that I’ve found.

As far as loose goals go, I’m not too upset with the progress. Doing this evaluation has definitely made me more aware of which goals I truly want to prioritize as well as reminding me that I won’t accomplish everything in every category every month.


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