Monthly Goals

2017 Goals

The temptation after a truly awful year is to either pin all of my hopes on the up and coming one with a dependence that borders on desperation, or to make no expectations whatsoever lest they be crushed. I’m working on the in between where hope blooms and expectations rest. With the knowledge that nothing can be perfect, I’m attempting to infuse some excitement for the new year. I’m a goal-oriented person to my core. Seriously, the number of days I’ve lived without a mental or written to-do list (whether fun or full of chores) is probably equal to the number of days I’ve been too sick to think and that’s about it. Even as a kid that’s how my brain worked. So when you combine that with my perfectionist tendencies, new year’s resolutions appeal to me on a fundamental level.

However, I have found that resolutions push me towards that demand for perfection that I am eager to move away from, so I’m going for goals. It feels lighter for me, more encompassing of the whole year, with a sense of sprints and jogs and occasional walks – whatever it takes to get there over the course of 365 days – rather than the do or die sort of resolution I used to go for. Quite a few years have passed since the last time I found myself trying for any new year’s resolutions. It’s been an attempt to let a lot of that perfectionism go, and it has been a good thing. But I look forward to new beginnings with excitement, so I’m going to let myself go there in a lighter way – no more pressure than if I hadn’t built any goals but mixed with anticipation for this new start. We’ll see how it goes.

  • Fitness:
    • Complete my physical therapy program and full rehab and return to regular exercise, the culmination of which would be the ability to run a 5k again. I honestly didn’t think I would ever go back to running after I broke my foot this summer, but my physical therapist has me learning how to run again. This is one just to show my body that it can do this. If I never want to do another, that’s okay.
    • For several years I’ve wanted to improve my swimming skills and turn it into a form of exercise. This will come in handy for the next pregnancy and recovery.
  • Finance:
    • Save $5,000 to go primarily toward our house down payment fund. Now that my dog has stopped impaling herself on our fence and visiting the emergency vet and my medical bills are almost to an end, we may stand a chance at saving a lot more.
    • Put our budget back in order and keep it there – on paper together every month before it starts, zero-based, strict, and mostly cash. When we do this, we not only hit our financial goals, but we discover that we have more than enough rather than feeling on the edge of always needing more.
  • Family:
    • Go on a date night with my husband twice a month – pay for one and trade for one if we can manage it. We need this desperately. With no family in the area, this has proved far more challenging than I expected, but we need to stop making excuses.
    • Make at least an hour for playing with my daughter with no other agenda, no distractions, no multi-tasking –  just undivided focus for her.
  • Field:
    • Finish one long manuscript and one short one. I need that long finish badly. I need to see the project completed with thousands of my own words strung together in a story. One whole story and all of it mine.
    • Keep up this blog for the year. Nonfiction has always been the stronger skill for me, but being out of school has made me rusty. This is my place to practice. I’d like to see what I can produce this year that’s worth hanging on to, and the best way to do that is to keep writing.
  • Faith:
    • The first 10 minutes of the day at least are for reading a Bible passage. This is a game changer. I’ve already begun, and I need to continue.
    • Pray with Aeryn every night before bed time. I am inconsistent with this, but I want this habit together.
  • Friends:
    • Send a gift or note twice a month to a friend, especially the ones who stood by me this year letting them know just how wonderful they are. I wouldn’t have got through this year without them, and they deserve to know I appreciate and love them. Phone calls can also count for this because I know several people who would love for me to call them. I hate talking on the phone, so this will be a stretch.
    • Go out at least 6 times this year one on one with my girlfriends, no kids.
  • Fun:
    • Hike 6 new mountains here in NY. Last year’s hiking plans were crushed, but I’m already anticipating this year’s peaks. If we don’t stay in NY, this is my last summer to take advantage of being this close to the Adirondacks.
    • Go on some adventures. Aim for one big trip, three shorter long weekend ones, and five day/afternoon adventures. 2016 sucked the fun out me. I need this.
  • Other:
    • Cut back on our possessions by 20%. Dale gets out of the Navy this year, and there is a good chance we are moving before the year is out. If we are staying in NY, we’ll probably be moving in 2018. Either way, the clutter needs to go.
    • Cut my non-writing/work screen time by 50%, especially with my phone. This is the first year I’ve had a smartphone, and I’ve fallen down the proverbial rabbit hole. My husband and my daughter deserve more of my undivided attention, and my work and my writing need my focus.
    • Make at least one new change a month towards a more healthy lifestyle in terms of food choices, alternative medicines, supplements, environmental factors, and product changes in the home.

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